Bologna Sandwiches

Bologna Sandwiches

Ready to take your sandwich-making game to another level!? We are going to show you our take on 3 delicious recipes you can EASILY make at home with Capital Fine Meats Bologna!

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  • Start with good bread. There are many to choose from, but some good options are sourdough, ciabatta, and Pagnotta bread. If you wish to toast it, feel free to use any fat like butter, margarine, mayonnaise, or a healthy oil like olive oil before grilling or toasting.
  • Slice up some Capital Fine Meats Bologna! You can cut it thick or thin, and you can eat it as it is or pan-fried! Because Capital Bologna is naturally smoked, it’s ready to eat right out of the package.
  • Choose your veggies. There is a wide variety of directions you can go with this. Primarily, you want to look for veggies with a good crunch. This will provide extra texture to your sandwich, especially if you decided not to toast your bread. Things like onions, bell peppers, and crisp lettuce are all good options here. Mariano took things a step further and pan-fried some breaded zucchini and eggplant for his sandwiches which bring out excellent texture and flavor!
  • Choose your condiment(s). This is where your sandwich really comes alive! You can put any condiment(s) you’d like on your sandwich, although we recommend using something that doesn’t overpower your other ingredients. Some excellent options are vegetable spread (Ajvar Spread), Pesto, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Sour Cream, or even Olive Oil & Vinegar. Decide if you want something tangy, savory, or rich, and choose your condiment(s) based on that! Feel free to mix and match as Mariano does. His favorite combo is a black truffle pesto spread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Modena.
  • Mariano’s Fried Zucchini/Eggplant:
  • Beat 1-2 eggs and season with salt & pepper.
  • Coat sliced Zucchini & Eggplant pieces with egg and sprinkle with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.
  • Shallow fry over medium-low heat in a pan with olive oil until lightly golden.

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